For the first time in a long time I can get out of bed in the morning and bend over to tie my shoes without pain. I have regained my strength in the left side of my body and it shows in my softball play. I am hitting the ball as far as ever before. Business Owner, sales, installer, chief, cook and bottle washer!

Dan S.
Trust the doctors and ask for their advice. Office manager

Wendy B.
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1. Structure - Establishing structural integrity and proper alignment is the foundation to health.  We emphasize postural correction to help you move and perform at your best.  Your posture is your alignment and you alignment is your posture.

2. Nutrition - Dr. Steve takes the time to stay up on the latest information about diet and supplemenation so you don't have to.  Replenish good nutrition for a healthy functioning body.  That could be simple dietary changes to take your body out of an acidic and inflamed state to it's natural alkaline state.

3. Emotions - One of the largest stressors in life is emotional stress. You cannot think a thought without it having a physiological impact on your health.  Good thoughts have good consequenses and bad thoughts can have harmful consequenses.   We can help you discover ways to manage stress and RELAX!

 4. Toxins -  They are everywhere in our environment. 

 5. Electrical Polution - The use of cell phones, Blue tooth devices, computers, living around power lines can "ZAP" your body's own natural electricity. Minimize your screen time and you will be healthier for it.


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