I finally realized I did not have to live with this pain. I always kidded around that my body was worn out. It just needed some attention. Tire and Wheel Store Owner

Steve B.
Overall I am learning to balance my life better by understanding my limitations. Sales

Dan O
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"To the coolest Doctor I have ever met. Thanks for your friendship and support!" George Stephenson, III  (Top 10 in the USA Pro-Mountain Bike racer)


 I could never have known how much better I'd feel under Dr. Steve's care!  During his initial examination, he explained the basis for why I wasn't feeling well after an auto accident. He said that I was suffering from whiplash; and as a result my spine was misaligned so that my body was working overtime to compensate for the injury.

Yet, I knew little of the benefits and sound advice offered through his practice! Along with an excellent staff and state of the art equipment, he provided gentle hands on adjustments, with gradual step by step counseling toward one's better health. The family friendly atmosphere of his office I'd recommend, particularly to any family that is looking to improve their overall wellness.

 My wife and 2 of our children have also experienced the benefits of Dr. Steve's care. We'll continue with him, as with any doctor's office.

-Tim F. Placerville 

                   What a lovely testimonial from one of our many lovely families. 
                                        Chiropractic care is for the whole family. 

  “Overall I am learning to balance my life better. Dr. Steve has helped me by teaching me to listen to my body."—Dan O., Sales

  “I finally realized I did not have to live with this pain. I always kidded around that my body was worn out. It just needed some attention.” Steve B., Tire and Wheel Store Owner

  “For the first time in a long time I can get out of bed in the morning and bend over to tie my shoes without pain. I have regained my strength in the left side of my body and it shows in my softball play. I am hitting the ball as far as ever before. Dan S., Business Owner, sales, installer, chief, cook and bottle washer! 

Before seeing Dr. Steve I experienced pain from exercise and daily living activities such as picking up my kids and carrying groceries. I decided to seek chiropractic help because I wanted more frequent care from someone who would not just prescribe drugs as an easy answer. Since seeing Dr. Steve, I have decreased pain and discomfort, and I recover much faster from injuries. I enjoy having a preventative health care provider who knows my lifestyle and cares about my future well-being. I will continue to be under Dr. Steve’s care as part of my overall healthcare and preventative maintenance. I recommend Town Center Family Chiropractic to anyone who is looking to stop current pain, prevent future pain, and invest in their overall health. – Tristan L.
“I think Chiropractic care is the best thing I have decided to do for my body. With my active lifestyle it allows me to continue with living my life comfortably. —Nicole F., mom and soccer coach 
"Since her first visit her all her cryinghas STOPPED! She is a happy baby now. She sits (not before), plays alone and laughs now instead of crying. Our family is much more at peace. Cassie and her big sister enjoy each other company now. What a blessing."  -Diane C., mother of an 8 month old girl who cried for 15 hours a day before Chiropractic care.               




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