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You wake every morning feeling like you were up all night, well maybe you were.  Even though you were sleeping all through the night you may be experiencing sleep disturbances.  There are many types of sleep disorders. There are 3 main categories - insomnia, disturbed sleep, and excessive sleep.  Sleep disturbances can occur throughout the night without you even knowing it, this can be caused by many different problems.  Keeping your body in shape, eating properly, removing caffeine, and developing a healthy lifestyle can correct these problems.  Your Chiropractor can help.

There are 5 stages in your sleep that your body must go through to achieve a good night sleep. This cycles over and over throughout the night.

Stage 1 – Light sleep and relaxation of the muscles.
Stage 2 – Activity in the brain slows and eye movement stops.
Stage 3 – Brains waves become slow (delta waves) and small quick waves occur.
Stage 4 – Brains waves are all delta wave.
Stage 5 – (REM) Rapid Eye Movement – dreams occur.

When you sleep well you heal, lose weight and fight the affect of aging. Ask how Chiropractic care can help you sleep better. Call (916) 933-4507 today.


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